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Everyone has a story. A group of passionate about photography.

The "Humans Of Morocco" project aims to present the cultural diversity of the country. A look at the faces but also the stories that lie behind each them. Every life situation is unique, it is the special emphasis on the human condition. "Humans Of Morocco" has no profitable goals . the philosophical work of the project is based on shared views between the photographers, the subjects and our fans. Photographic project with the mission of shedding some light on the ethnic, cultural Moroccan population.

  • Humanity
  • Storytelling
  • Photography
  • HOPE


The official contributors of this project are :
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Abderrahman Amazzal

Storyteller / Photographer
Photography enthusiast, lover of life situations; I share my perspective on the world. Street Moroccan photographer having a look at Morocco.
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Mourad Chouaff

Storyteller / Photographer
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Khalil Bouabid

Storyteller / Photographer
Amateur photographer and has a deep passion for photography especially when it comes to street photography and capturing the daily life of people. He found in HOM his other half of the photo. He no longer looks for a mere picture. He goes deeper to have a story behind that picture .
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Said Taachi

Storyteller / Photographer
I decided to take the time, ponder upon life and come up with a new vision about the world around me. By photographing people, you also put something of your life, your past and maybe your future, too, in the same photo. You might be in the search of yourself through your lens.
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Ziri Ouchen

Storyteller / Photographer
Moroccan street photographer.
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Sophia Achamsi

is a King Fahd School of Translation – Tangiers laureate. She has a deep love for translation and enjoys the travel between languages. A text to her is a musical note that she plays to create a new melody in another culture. She is fond of photography, cultures and “Humans of Morocco”.
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Photographer / Storyteller
I was born in 1998 in Fez , I’m very ambitious girl who’s living for photography . I have passion for people to listen to their stories as I’m extremely honored to be with a project that works on spreading love and philanthropy ..
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Yahya Haouat

born in tetouan now i live in casablanca. I love photography especially kind of street photography i like travlling because it let me meet a large number of people for this reason i joined the project of humans of morocco to tell him the stories of people who i meet in my trip.


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