Story 3


-أنا كانشوف جميع الأصناف هنايا و جميع الجنسيات
– هي ألحاج انمشي انا وياك تخطب ليا .. ديرني فحال ولدك راني باقي مامزوجش
– هههههههههه عرفتي القصة ديال لي مشا يخطب لولدو ? قالك هذا مشا يشوف البنت و عجباتو و خطبها فراسو و مشا عند الولد قال ليه رآه ملي شافتني و هي تزنك و ماعرفات ما تقول و راني خطبتها  ليا انا .. هوكا اندير ليك سير ختار راسك

– I have met with people of all kinds and nationalities in here.
– Oh really, well sir, you should fetch me a bride, think of me as your own son, I am still single.
– (laughing) Have you ever heard the story of the man who went to fetch a bride for his son? It was said that a man went to see his son’s future bride. He liked the girl and instead of marrying her to his son, he married her himself. He went to his son and said « when she saw me, she flushed and stood speechless, so I proposed to her. »
So my son, if you take me with you, I am going to do just the same. You better go choose for yourself.

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