Story 51


« انا اختاريت نكون كرابة فالزنقة او لقيت راسي فهاد الحرفة، تنحس بالراحة منين تنسقي الناس او العباد… تكرابت ماشي عيب هي راه مهنة كيف كاع المهن او تلاحيت ليها من نهار لي كتاشفت انها تتمثل الحرفة لي نقد نعطي فيها بزاف. فالزنقة صحيح ان الناس مزال تتشوف فيك نظرة ناقصة او تنشوف بنادم تيغمز صاحبو بحال ايلا شاف العجب… بهاد الحرفة قادة الحمد الله نعيش او نعيش بنتي راه المعيشة مساهلة لحد فالمغرب…او تيجي الوقت لي تنخدم فالعراسات او المهرجانات باش نكمل الشهر او الحمد الله انا فرحانة بحالتي او رزقي الحلال. »

“I chose to work as Gerrab (a person whose job is selling water in the streets/water carrier) in the streets and subsequently found myself doing it. I feel content when I quench people’s thirst…Tagerrabit (being a Gerrab) is not a disgrace; it is one of the many existing jobs. It was the moment I discovered that this is the job to which I can dedicate the best of my effort and be productive that I decided to hold it. It is true that some people in the street still belittle me and start winking at each other as if what they have seen is a wonder… Thanks to God, with this work I am able to make a living for me and my daughter. In fact, gaining a living in Morocco is not an easy task for anyone… At times, I work in wedding ceremonies and festivals to meet my monthly necessities. Thanks to God, I am very satisfied about my life and the Halal daily bread (the living that is gained after making personal efforts and not by deceiving or cheating)”

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