Story 81


السي حسن تقريبا مابقاش كايشوف مع الجلالة.. مشيت باش نعطيه صورتو معرفنيش.. بقا كايشوف في الصورة و هو مافاهم والوووو.. ملي ركز مزيان عاد عرف ان لي في الصورة رآه هو نيت.. و دار هاد الابتسامة التلقائية لي بالنسبة لي كاتعني الكثير.. عنقني و بقا يضحك.. كانت هادي من أفضل اللحظات فتاغزيرت

« Si Hassan has almost lost his sight due to his very old age. Last time I was here, I took a picture of him. Upon my arrival, I paid him a visit, he didn’t recognize me and I couldn’t explain myself, my knowledge of Amazigh language is very poor. I gave him his picture. He stared at it for a long time, he didn’t recognize himself. When he recognized some of his facial features, he laughed, came back to me and hugged me. »

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